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Live Chat / Web Chat Cloud Services


可即時接觸到網站的訪客, 即時了解訪客來源, 到訪途徑, 了解訪客在查看甚麼網頁, 
即時了解訪客對甚麼產品最有興趣. 主動邀請對話 或 收集訪客電郵地址; 聯絡等 ...


全新功能、 全新的概念,即時網站對話 : www.livechat.hk  www.livewebassist.hk

關於系統試用, 功能查詢,  請電:  
陳小姐, 公司電話: +852 23120878 , 電郵 : bonnie @ tops.hk 

     在網站會顯示一個以下的 "liveSupport ONLINE" 圖案, 客戶只需按一下, 更自動彈出 "即時對話"框. 


本系統能自動循環輪流回答訪客, 每個銷售人員都有機會接觸不同訪客

LiveChat ...
Live Response ...

互動對話中 ... 

可以預先制定標準回答用語表, 大大減低職員打字壓力, 標準化回應用語, 加快回應時間.



可配合 即時網站訪客統計

bullet訪客資料搜集: 國家, IP, Host Name, Referrer
bullet客源資料統計: 分析由Google, Yahoo 或 Baidu 渠道
bullet追蹤訪客來源: 關鍵字, search engine
bullet訪客查看過網頁 FootPrint 
bullet使用虛擬部門, 一個職員同時處理多個網站
bullet標準回答用語表, 標準化回應用語


本公司提供 零風險 起動方案, 如不滿意, 原銀奉還保證

3 部曲如下: 
整個流程可約 7天完成

步驟 1:  本公司提供15分鐘系統培訓  (并提供英文使用手冊,  提供試用系統)
步驟 2:  經3~7天試用, 本公司可提供一站式零風險整合系統服務 (包主機, 各式軟件, 數據中心)
              簽定 3~12月 服務協議. 可任何時間提前一個月隨時終止服務
步驟 3:  3天內本公司可正式提供 Web2.0 整合式平台 

日常維護及售後服務 : 
可以使用本公司的 "客戶服務自動化系統" 發送服務求請,  及智識庫查找常規問題, 或辦公時間致電本公司支援人員


LiveChat Cloud Services 操作員用戶收費, HK$200/月 包括首兩個操作員 (i.e. sales; support).  
費用包括: 電腦主機, 軟件, 防病毒, 防垃圾, 數據中心租金, 設備電費, 遙控支持, 系統維護

我們的優勢, 帶給客戶最大效益 

我們使用 IceWarp Web2.0 平台
我們使用 IceWarp 短訊 SMS 平台
我們使用 IceWarp 災難恢復
我們使用 IceWarp 網絡狀態監察
我們使用 IceWarp Web 加速引擎
我們使用 IceWarp SSL Tunnel (HK<->China 中港加密通道)
我們整合 IceWarp LiveChat, IceWarp Messaging, IceWarp LDAP ... 提供完美 web client 平台


關於系統試用, 功能查詢,  請電:  
陳小姐, 公司電話: +852 23120878 , 電郵 : bonnie @ tops.hk 


Kayako LiveResponse Live Chat in Detail ...

LiveResponse Client Application

LiveResponse is accompanied by a free Microsoft® Windows® Application that allows staff users to constantly monitor web site traffic, manage the support desk, chat with clients and other staff users all from one location. Providing many configurable options, the LiveResponse Client Application can be fully customized to meet the need of each staff user/support desk combination. The interval at which site visitor data is retrieved can be customized, along with almost every other aspect of the application.

Engage Potential Customers

Break down the virtual barrier by engaging site visitors in real conversation. A "live chat" button can be placed on any page of your website as well as on the support desk home page. Visitors can request a live chat session, or a staff user can proactively request to chat with the visitor (see below). Visitors only need a web browser to chat, and since the live chat system utilizes AJAX, no page reloads are required, creating a fluid and seamless chat experience.

Increase Sales: Be Proactive

Utilize proactive chat features to make the sale — your support staff can be the one to request a chat with a site visitor to preemptively offer guidance or assisted browsing, just like on a shop floor. Request to start a chat session by politely asking the visitor if they would like to chat, or take a more proactive approach and "force" a chat session on the visitor. Because chat requests are part of the webpage the visitor is viewing, they are not hidden by pop-up and ad blockers. Visitors can of course also choose to decline the chat request.

Staff-to-Staff Chats, Conferences and Chat Transference

Multiple staff users can chat with a website visitor at the same time, and the live chat system also has the ability for staff users to hold their own chat sessions and conferences. Chats can be easily transferred between staff users logged into the LiveResponse Desktop Application, which allows for effective chat escalation (to higher level support technicians or management, for example) and redirection of queries.

Intelligent Chat Routing

LiveResponse's round-robin chat queuing system manages incoming chat requests from site visitors. Chat requests will initially be sent to the first available staff operator that is not marked as busy or away. If after a specified amount of time the operator does not accept the chat request, it will be routed to the next available operator, until the request is accepted and a chat session has begun. You may also specify the amount of attempts the system should make to connect the visitor with an operator before requesting for them to leave a message using a special page.

Predefined Responses

Maximize live chat support efficiency using predefined, or "canned" replies. Managed centrally in the support desk, canned responses are broadcast to all staff users running the LiveResponse Client Application and are available to them at the click of a button. Easily greet site visitors and field their commonly-asked questions without the need to type the entire response. In addition to standard textual responses, you can also manage URL, image, and highlighted computer code (such as PHP, Java, or HTML) responses. These responses can be categorized by group, type, or however you see fit.


Using ViewShare, staff users can easily share their screen through the user's web browser, guiding them through a complex task or perhaps giving a presentation. No third party software is required for a client to view the desktop of a staff user's PC in real time.

VoIP Softphone Add-on

The LiveResponse Client Application can be equipped with the ability to act as a VoIP (Voice over IP) softphone terminal. Using our LiveResponse SIP VoIP Add-on, staff users may make and receive telephone calls directly from the LiveResponse Client Application. The VoIP add-on has the ability to integrate with your VoIP provider or even your own PBX (Private Branch eXchange) server.

Live Response + Live Chat 功能比ACTUAL LIVE 網站即時客服系統強大, Live Response + Live Chat 功能比 ACTUAL LIVE 網站訪客管理系統強大
Live Response + Live Chat
功能比ACTUAL LIVE 網站即時客服系統強大, Live Response + Live Chat 功能比 ACTUAL LIVE 網站訪客管理系統強大
Live Response + Live Chat 功能比ACTUAL LIVE 網站即時客服系統強大, Live Response + Live Chat
功能比 ACTUAL LIVE 網站訪客管理系統強大
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